This is not a general linklist about community currencies. It is specifically designed for academic scholars with an interest in community currencies and provides access in particular to “grey literature” in this field. It is by no means a comprehensive list.


Bitcoin – Brett Scotts database
For those with a specific interest in cryptographic currencies – this is the major source. Click the link to the “database of academic research on Bitcoin”
This is a rich collection of materials about community currencies in a variety of languages. In contrast to this bibliography it has a somewhat wider scope and provides information about background literature which is not included in the databank of this
International Journal of Community Currency Research” This E-Journal has been launched in 1998. It has become a cornerstone of the research infrastructure in this field.
The resource website of the “social and solidarity economy” with many sources in French, Spanish, Portuguise and English. The scope of this project comprises includes a number of different fields; just use the keyword "complementary currency
The “Archiv für Geld- und Bodenreform” – This archive, organised by a proponent of the “Freiwirtschaft”, contains also sources about community currencies (mainly in German, but also in other languages):


SCHUMACHER CENTER for a NEW ECONOMICS: Go to the OPAC of the library via “Search the E. F. Schumacher Archives”. Worth visiting is also the section about “Local Currencies”.
This is the website of a community currency network from South Africa. See in particular the articles under “Info.”
TIME BANKS: The above mentioned “Resources” section of Time Banking UK offers plenty of interesting information. More material can be found on other Time Bank(ing) websites in the UK, the USA (see in particular the Newsletter), Canada, Japan, Denmark and elsewhere. In this context we refer also to the New Economics Foundation (

Some material under “Publications.”
Very dated; a S.E.L. “museum”

The Tauschmagazin is a journal. The various issues of the past (see “Ausgaben”) are well worth a visit.
This website serves as a portal to information that focuses on the German Tauschringe.

This is the collection of Paolo Coluccia, most of the material is dated.
This is the official website of the Italian “Banche del Tempo”. For documents see in particular under “more…”